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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Target Pictures!!! Woo!

Sorry some of them are turned, it's been a long day and fighting with the blogger isn't on my list of things to do tonight! :) You can get the gist of what great things I found today though! Also, I went back this evening and I saw book boxes! But only 2 left :( one of you live in my town!? Only kidding, but other teachers must be on the prowl! Good luck at your Targets.


Scrappy Teacher said...

Wow, I love the Dr. Suess bags. I was at Target today and didn't see anything as good as this and you reminded me that I need to get some more file crates. Thanks for sharing.

courtneyyost said...

I'm going to go to Target this weekend now! My whole room is a Dr. Seuss theme! Those bags are so cute!! Hopefully they have them in Pennsylvania! :)

Alessia Albanese said...

Hi Megan, I'm sooooo excited...I'm going on a road trip (just for the day, though) to Buffalo next Friday! You have to understand that I am from Toronto, Canada, and our Walmart and Dollar stores don't even compare to those in the States! So I need your help....if you don't mind, can you tell me (besides Target, of course!) any other good places for teachers to go to get some school stuff? Do you know of any teacher store chains in the USA? In Canada we have a great educational store called Scholar's Choice (but it's pricey!). Thanks, in advance, for your help!!!

Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Emily said...

You love Target as much as I do, ha! I just posted today about some dollar spot finds :) I love those whiteboards. I ended up getting the smaller size for students to hold up answers and use during guided reading....they were 4 for $1 (about 1/4 the size).

mtompkins said...

Who doesn't LOVE Target?!? It's normal for me to go 3-4 times a week. (I'm lucky enough to live a mile away from mine!) You picked up some great finds! I love that you took the pictures inside your that to hide the evidence from your husband??? haha!

WILD About First Grade!

Miss Megan said...

Haha, no not married yet... working on that right now Lol! It was to hide from my family :-x and the fact that I just couldn't wait to show everyone my finds!

Mrs. Carson said...

Just stumbled across your adorable blog and I am following you. :)
Love your target finds. I posted about mine too this week. Gotta love that store.

Cindy Solomon said...

Looks like we have similar taste. I bought most of the same stuff yesterday when I was at 2 Targets. They all seem to have different stuff.

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