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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Target...I Love you.

My Dearest Teacher Bloggers...

TARGET DOLLAR SECTION is going to be bursting with teaching items very soon :) I am on the hunt for :
$1 white boards that are plain on one side and lined on the other
Book bins
Pocket charts
and probably anything else teachery since it's my first year!

Here's where you come in!! Can you let me know when this stuff starts popping up in Targets near you? I'm a Michigan girl... so if any of you are like me or mid-westerners, maybe our targets have similar timing?! I was googling around and saw on that a lot of people said it starts showing up after July 4th... which isn't far away! 

Also, target in all it's teacher glory has the cutest wall decorations! I found polka dots, letters, "educational", numbers, owls, sea life, sports, treasure, animals, etc... pretty much any classroom theme you can imagine, they have wall decor for it!!


Hadar said...

So cute!! God I love Target!

pennies for luck said...

I love Target! I'm hoping for some of the book bins. They are usually 2.50 but so much cheaper than getting it from a teacher supply store!

Jessica said...

I have those colorful letters in my classroom! (i have a pic under my classroom tab) I painted a chicka chicka boom boom tree and just used those for the letters! They work great! =)

Heather said...

What section are the wall decorations in? I NEED those owls!!

Kinder By Golly

Miss Megan said...

Cute chicka idea!! Heather, the wall decor is online only :( but it's understand kids room and wall decor.. Bedroom section I believe! And the owls are darling! I'm thinking of making a "wise owl words" wall with words that aren't popcorn words; such as adjectives or words that can make their writing more interesting to a reader :)

Mrs. Lamb said...

I bought paisley wall art from target last week-paisley is my newest obsession! At my store it with in home organization-luckily next to the baskets since I am a basket addict as well!

LuckyNJack said...

There's also a great teacher room decor section on the endcap of the stationery aisle at Target - only $2.50 each!! Includes borders, headers, posters, letters and shapes! Hope this stays up a while!

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