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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cute things in 100 degree weather

First let me say... how is anyone supposed to be productive when it's 100 degrees out!? If this is a preview of what summer is going to be like, I'm scared. I was clicking through blogs the other day and saw Mrs. Lemon's Blog and her CUTE phonograms! I immediately hurried over to Kinkos to print out the alphabet so I could have it read to put up in my room this summer... but apparently PDF files take foreverrrrrrr to load, so that failed. None the less, I will be printing them somewhere because they're adorable! 

Question Time: Do your students have their own "book boxes" with a choice of books at their level for reading workshop? I know this is kind of a Daily 5 type of thing- which is what was used in the district I student taught in- but I'm curious if anyone who doesn't use Daily 5 uses the idea of personal book boxes? I know I am going to be getting familiar with the Imagine It! Reading program for my new school, and I'm not sure if they use this....

#2: We all know that Target's dollar section and just Target in general are like God to teachers, but do you "Dollar Store" as well? There is a Dollar Tree near my house and it has a whole isle of teachery type stuff! Not to mention, gobs of plastic bins and baskets! Best Target/Dollar store finds anyone?


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