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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I smell a GIVEAWAY!!!

Well I'm not at any special number of followers or anything yet, but I have created something for my own classroom and I'd like to give it away to one of my blog buddies :) ! I made a "Classroom Yellow Pages," this was an idea that came about during my student teaching by another teacher and I decided to act upon it! 
How many times a day do you hear " Ms. _____ Can you tie my shoe? Open my snack? Zip my coat? Sharpen my pencil? etc" This can get a little over whelming hearing it 3458739320 times a day when you're trying to get work done! So the classroom yellow pages is a way for students to "look up" other students in the class who are good at things like tying shoes, opening snacks, zipping coats, etc, so they do not have to ask you! 
Preview of pages: 14 included :)

Ways to Enter:
1. Follow my blog
2. Post about my giveaway on your blog
3. Comment on this post telling me you did both :)


pennies for luck said...

I follow your blog! This is an adorable idea!!

Kelly B said...

I follow your blog and I think this idea is just precious! Hope I win!

kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

Ali said...

What a cute idea!! I follow your blog!


What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

Hadar said...

I follow your blog! You are a genius!

Miss Kindergarten

Hadar said...

Also, I need one that says "Super memory! ___ will help you remember teacher's name" hahaha I swear, if they call me "teacher" one more time!!!!!

Miss Kindergarten

Miss Megan said...

Haha so true!!

Alessia Albanese said...

Oh, my! This is FANTASTIC!!! Great work! Would love to win this (and definitely use this in my classroom everyday!).

Mrs. Albanese’s Class

Jill said...

This is super cute! What a great idea.

Magnificent Multiagers!

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