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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Target FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!

I realize my last post was about target... but this one is as well, because yes, I'm that obsessed!

SO, I went today right as it opened to scope out the dollar section, and boy was I happy I did! My target started putting out the teacher/school stuff TODAY! It will slowly be trickling in over this week and the next few is what I'm told ( I asked the lady stocking the shelves). So as I jumped up and down like a nerd, I loaded my cart with what you see in the pictures... (There was a lot of Dr. Seuss stuff out). The Dr. Seuss re-useable bags are genuis! I'm planning on using these as the kids book bags. They can take home a book from the class library every monday and friday and these bags will hold up nicely! Those cheap-o name plates I'm going to use for 1st week or so before I break out my cute ones... because you never know who is or isn't going to show up from your class list! The name tags for their shirts I'll just use the first day :)

The work books I thought I would make copies of some pages and use it as "I finished early" work.

**the pictures were not working! I will try to reload them tonight so you can see my goodies!**


Mrs. Coe said...

The pictures are not showing. YIKES!

Becki said...

OOOOh, thanks for the update. Time to start stalking Target!

Hadar said...

I came by to tell you that Target has teacher stuff out and see that you already got stuff!!! yay!! I bought a few cute things and then ran like the wind!

Miss Kindergarten

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