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Friday, July 29, 2011

Let me in already!!!!

I am becoming impatient about my school opening! It's scheduled to be complete Aug 12.... cross your fingers and do a luck dance for me, would you? My basement is looking more and more like a classroom as I take my daily weekly trips to target and the dollar store. 

I got a membership to Costco today and this is what I found! The Pink and Purple books were only $10.99, and the pack of Biscuit books were only $9.99! Also the 96 pack of pencils was a mere $8.79! See those salted chocolate caramels that snuck their way into my cart? OH MY GOODNESS- they're heavenly!

A few weeks ago I bought these cute tubs. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them until last night when it hit me like bus!

I used a paint pen to write on them and make the polka dots! The pink will hold "Clorox/Lysol" type wipes, the blue will be for hand sanitizer, and the green will be for tissues! (Clearly a smaller box, but this was all I had for demo purposes).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mrs. Polston?

Mrs. Polston... Where are you? :) I sent you an email, so please email me back by Thursday 7/28, or I will have to choose a new winner!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pintrest Please...

So I decided I NEED a Pintrest page. I'm currently *paitently* waiting on my email invite to join! I have come across so many linky parties that involve Pintrest pages and seen sooooo many cute things! So, instead of trying to bookmark or write down all the cute ideas, I shall join:)

Are you on Pintrest? What are some of the BEST things you've seen on there?

Cute Giveaway!

Pocket Full of Kinder's is having a giveaway! She has a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize... and many chances to win! Go check it out! I hope I win :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Absolutely NOTHING to do with teaching, but....

I made some delicious cupcake/cookie creations!! Before I decided to commit to a career in teaching, I'd always thought I'd become a pastry chef or wedding planner... I still may pursue these on the side or just shower my friends and family with yummy treats :)

Anyhow.. I was blog stalking and I came across this website How Sweet Eats. I got the idea for these from her website (which has amazinggg ideas and pictures that make you want to eat your computer screen) but I altered it a little!

Let's be honest, we're teachers with precious time in the summer spent relaxing, preparing for next year, and shopping at Target... so, instead of making my batters from scratch I used boxed and they taste great!

You start by taking these dough circles and breaking them in half, smooshing into a circle, and placing into a greased cupcake paper (yes spray your cupcake papers with non-stick spray!)
Mix up your cupcake batter ( I chose yellow because it's my favorite.. but white or chocolate would work too!) as directed on the box and pour over cookie dough until about 1/2" from the top of the cupcake paper.
Bake 13-15 mins at 350... time depends on your pans and oven, just check  if the cupcake springs back when you touch it lightly, thats how you'll know they're done.

Then I made my own frosting. I have a secret recipe for buttercream that my family loves... it's not too buttery or too sugary- which makes it light and fluffy :) Because I'm in heaven from these cupcakes I will share it with you!

1 c granulated sugar
2 sticks room temp butter
1 1/2 tea vanilla
1/4 c flour
1 c whole milk (or half and half)
(optional coco powder if you want chocolate.. add about 2-3 Tbsp, depending on the intensity you want)

While the cupcakes are baking, put the flour and 1/4c of the milk into a sauce pan. WISK like mad to make a roue. Once this is mixed, heat to medium while slowly adding 1/4 c more of milk at a time until you've added the whole cup. I URGE you to wisk your arm off until each 1/4c is in smoothly. Once this has happened and the mixture starts to heat.. it will get thicker. Once its thickened (DON'T BOIL) remove from the heat and continue wisking to make sure its smooth and set aside to cool. If you get lumps, push through a mesh strainer. (It's an arm workout to make it smooth... but I promise once you do it and are patient it'll be easier... plus you can skip the gym that day!)

Whip the butter 3-5 mins. Add sugar and whip 3-5 more min. It should be a pale yellow and fluffy. Mix in 1 tsp of vanilla to the cooled milk flour  mixture, then add this plus the 1/2 tsp more of vanilla to the butter/sugar. Whip on high 5-7 mins. (You would add the coco at this point if you're making chocolate)
Mine are with chocolate frosting.. sorry bad picture from my iPhone.
Then I piped the buttercream on using a zip lock bag with the tip cut off! Store in the fridge :) I always let my cupcake sit out for a little before eating to take the chill off. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And the WINNER is.......................

Mrs. Polston! Congrats :)
Send me a message with:
1. The letter you want
2. The design or color you'd like for your background
3. Crayons wrapped or unwrapped
4. Your address

To send a message, click on my blogger profile and click send message!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

If you have a minute, why don't we go?

I am in disbelief that I will be attending New Teacher Orientation for my school in just over a week! I will be teaching at a brand new charter school which is scheduled to be completed Aug 12 (fingers crossed), as I have mentioned before. This charter school organization requires all new teachers to the charter to attend a week long seminar in MI. Lucky for me.. it will only be a short bus ride with my fellow colleges and teachers from the other new schools being built in MI... I feel for those flying in from NY, CO, IL, OH, etc.... I would not want to come to MI right now when the heat index is 107!!!! YUCK.

I'm looking forward to learning the curriculum for my school, and their classroom management ways... but I am also nervous it's going to be information OVERLOAD!! It has however given me an "excuse" to go shopping for new teacher clothes :)

Has anyone ever had to do anything like this before? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Ps. The GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little birdie told me... You Haven't entered my GIVEAWAY!

Have you entered my giveaway yet!?! I will be ending it on Friday 7/22, so get your entries in!! :)

Click here to enter!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Sneaky TARGET DEALS!!

I was at Target today.. shocker right? and I was milling about through the school supply area when I spotted RoseArt 24 packs of crayons for .20c !!! Then I looked to my right and saw colored pencils, thin and fat markers, for .75c!!! But, believe it or not it gets better...... drum roll please..... a 6 pack of glue sticks that were marked $1.79, I scanned on those handy wall scanners to see if it was on sale, and YES, 6 glue sticks for .80c!! I stocked up like a mad woman.. I was getting looks from mom's in the aisle buying the average 1-2 boxes of things for their children's back to school lists, hehe oh well :)

Also, I saw two packs of scissors (up&up brand) for .74c! But my Target only had 4 left :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's time for....THE 101 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm so excited to have 101 followers!! Thank you all SO much :) I saw this idea on a Pintrest page and created my own...

For the GIVEAWAY, I will make one for the winner with whatever letter they choose, as well as what color/ pattern paper for the background, and if they want their crayons wrapped or unwrapped! :) 


1. Follow my blog
2. Post about the giveaway on your blog (AND I mean it! I'll check if you do!)
3. Leave me a comment saying you do both!

Good Luck, Hope you like my giveaway idea!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have reached 101 wonderful, fabulous, amazing, beautiful followers!!! I will be posting a giveaway shortly to celebrate :) Thank you all so much!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm crafty, and you can be crafty too!!!

So I saw this idea on another blog.. and eek! For the life of me I can't remember which one (I'm only 23, this is not a good sign). So, if you recently posted about this tell me and I'll credit you!!

I went to Home Depot today and brought my crate in so the man could measure for the wood, two pieces turned out to only be about $6! My crates are form Target and they were about $5 each.

Then I went to JoAnn Fabrics and found the exact fabric I was looking for :) I bought 2 yards, which was plenty!! I also printed off this coupon which helped. 

I found these foam squares at JoAnn's as well; and some Elmer's Spray Adhesive (only a small 4 oz can for $4.95)

I'm lucky to have a handy dad, he cut the foam for me with an exact-o knife and I spray glued it on. Then I lined up my fabric and pulled it tight while he staple gunned it on! This whole process took only about 25 mins :) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Speaking of GIVEAWAYS.....

Ladies and Gentleman(?) I am only 9 blog followers away from 100!! I never thought when I started my blog that I'd actually have any followers other than family and friends hehe :) SO... once I reach 100 I'm going to do a giveaway!! 

But I need your help, any ideas of what I should giveaway!?

$20 to Target? Yes please!

Target Treasures is giving away a $20 gift card!! This makes me giddy to think about winning :)

Add her to your blog roll! C'mon.... we all know every teacher has a tiny (or huge for some of us) addiction to Target!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So How About Things for .01c, .25c, and $1?!?!?!

Blog Friends!!!!

Staples started their penny sale today :) Go fourth and get as much as you can or a penny, quarter, or dollar!!! You CANNOT miss this deal... cancel your plans, tell you hubby he has to watch the kids, and GO GO GO!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

FREEBIE!!!....and some sad news..

I feel like it's been a while since I've blogged! Things have been a little crazy around here with the garage sale (finally ended today), the holiday, and the sad news...

A boy who I went to high school with, who was also a neighbor, and I knew through cheerleading/football, has tragically passed away. About 2 weeks ago in the afternoon he and a co-worker were going on a business call when they were hit by an extremely drunk driver. The co-woker was thrown from the car and passed away on scene (only 23 years old), and my friend was sent to the hospital in critical condition. After several surgeries on his brain they were hopeful, however the next day, the doctors informed the family there was no brain activity and they needed to decide when to remove him from life support. On July 2nd, he was taken off life support and fought for 10 hours, then tragically lost the fight. He was only 25 years old, a football star from my high school and Central Michigan University, an avid member of his fraternity Lamda Chi Alpha, and loved by many friends and family. If you'd like to read more about the story, I have a link at the end of this post. The drunk driver walked away with minor scratches, but thankfully will now be in prison for the rest of his life for taking two innocent boys lives away too soon. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Sorry for the somber post, but I did re-create a pocket chart activity that Doodle Bug's Teaching talked about on her blog. You may have it for FREE :) I am going to cut up the shapes and names and laminate for a pocket chart center.  Click here to DOWNLOAD.

I also found this uber cute dress at.... none other than Target! Which has nothing to do with teaching, but it's too cute to not share! Hard to see but the top has a ruffle across it!

Enjoy your day, I hope it's as beautiful as mine is!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top Tens!!

10. I love Junior Mints... and I'm currently polishing off a box.

9. I'm NOT a morning person, I usually stay up till about 2:30 am and sleep till noon :-x

8. I LOVE organizing, my best friend often calls me over to help her unpack from trips and re-organize.

7. I have two best friends, one being my boyfriend of 4 years, and the other is Katie whom I've known for 22 years... and I'm only 23 now!

6. I love Tea, especially from Teavana. I was in the Tea of the Month Club ( so grandma-ish I know)

5. Yankee candle tarts are amazing! I always have one going in my warmer. My fav is "Spring Days"

4. The Office is the greatest television show ever invented in my opinion, the American version.. NOT British.

3. If I had unlimited funds I would have my closet look like Carrie Bradshaw's in the SATC movie, and it be filled with clothes from JCrew.

2. I'm obsessed with bedding... It's hard for me to resist buying new sheets or comforters! 

1. I'm looking forward to my first year as a teacher! :)

Link up with Mrs. Owens and share your top 10!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JOIN My First LINKY Party!!

So I was looking over all of the curriculum for my school this year and I came across our reading/literacy program called "Imagine It!" which I had never heard of before! I am told this is an "open court" type of system... (still not helpful for me, as I sat there with my team mates smiling and nodding like I knew). I have really only used the Daily 5 system in classrooms before, and my principal said I could use parts of this to supplement "Imagine It!" which would be awesome. What do you use in your classroom? What parts of Daily 5 do you think are the most useful? and PLEASE if you've ever been exposed to this "Imagine It!" system before, fill me in!! It'd be great to have some knowledge of it before new teacher training in a month :)  

Link Up!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th, Anniversary, and Labels!

Happy 4th of July blog buddies!! Today is also my 4th anniversary with the boy :) I just quickly threw together some labels for another way to organize your Monday through Friday work. I found the bins at Target Dollar spot, $2.50 each.

All of the fonts I used are from Lettering Delights! You can grab my labels fro FREE by clicking --> here! I made them all in black instead of color in case you buy different tubs than me. I used Avery white mailing labels #18163 to print on.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

*The Ultimate Shopping Post*

As promised I am posting the items I have been gathering lately! Most are from Target ( me, go there?!) and Dollar Tree...  I will note where each item is from so you can find them :) I feel like I'm on a nonstop shopping spree, but being a first year teacher in a brand new school, I don't have much to work with! Enjoy!! (And I'm thinking a Target AA meeting is in order for tonight!)

This cute little school is from a craft show, my boy got it for me and it holds post-it's perfectly! I will put pens and scissors in the other sections! Isn't he cute for getting it for me?! :)

 The Rhyming and Simple words puzzles, Pete The Cat book and Llama Llama Mad Red Pajama book (Have u read both? SO cute) are all from Barnes and Noble! The Hop on Pop and Oh The Places You'll Go puzzles, Skippyjon Jones big book and two Kindergarten books are from Boarders. The mini hand sanitizers are from Bath and Body works... they were 5 for $4, can't go wrong!

The blue and green die cute letters, stickers, and bingo markers are from Dollar Tree. The scissors ($6), flash cards($1), wrapping paper for my bulletin boards ($1) are from the Target Dollar Spot! The magic erasers are from target (up&up brand... they are AMAZING) Also I got the poster markers recommended by Deanna Jump!

The blue, pink, and green tubs are going to be for my library and I found these at Dollar Castle... I believe. The blue, pink, black, and white baskets are going to be my kids book boxes, I previously was going to uses the blue and green ones I found at the Dollar Tree (see  other post) but they proved to be too narrow... So these $1 Target baskets will work great! Plus they go with my color scheme. The white lantern lights I am going to hang in my reading area, from Target. The stickers, pointers, addition bingo, flash cards, office pass (also have boys and girls bathroom ones) lined white boards, and blue,    green, and pink buckets are all from.... you guessed it- Target Dollar. The orange spiky ball I may use for a game called "buzz" where you give a word and the kids go around in a circle, pass the ball, and spell the word.. If you're the last person after the word is spelled you have to say "buzz" and the person next to you is out. There also is a map puzzle in there from Target Dollar.

These Dvd's are all from Target, average of $5 each, I'm going to use in the classroom when they apply, also when the kids need a few minutes to relax, like after lunch.

The pink, green, and blue baskets below I'm going to use to put my centers in. I will be putting a lot of the puzzles and flash cards into zippy bags with labels and then into these buckets so the kiddos can take them around the room. The leveled books are from Target Dollar Spot, as well as the little crayola books... and those are SUPER cute! The large crayon books are all about colors, I found these little babies at Dollar Tree! (Sorry about my toes in the picture!! I could use a pedicure)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess what?! I've been shopping..

Look for my post tomorrow about the awesome new items I picked up! 

On a side note, my household is preparing for a garage sale this week and I feel like the walls are closing in around me! How come when "stuff" is all put away you never realize how much you have until its all out in front of you!? My Type A/ Organizational self is having a hard time resisting the urge to make it all disappear this instant!

(and eeee! I'm giddy at the fact I have 71 followers!! Thank you all so much for following me, I'm honored!)
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