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Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you SMARTboard?

I'm so lucky and excited to have a SMARTboard in my new classroom. I used one daily in student teaching and I think they are the greatest tool! I'm planning on doing my attendance, calendar, and "morning message"on it with the students. Are there any other SMARTboard activities that you do with your students that they just love? How do you feel about your SB?

Happy Monday! :)


Jill said...

I wish I had a SmartBoard! I subbed in a few classes with them and they did the same types of things that you did. I also saw classes who did academic vocabulary with the SmartBoard, where the teacher had the same page up on the screen that the students had on their desks.

I'm hoping I can do some fundraising to get a SmartBoard for my own classroom!!

Magnificent Multiagers!

kinderdi said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a SmartBoard, although I'd love to have one. I have some Mac Books in my room I utilize well. BUT I do have a TARGET where I live!!! Love your shopping posts. I'm going to have to see of the teacher stuff is out in my Target yet!Thanks for sharing!

loularkin said...

I have a smart board and I love it! Check out She has great math files for the smart board.

courtneyyost said...

I love my smartboard! :) I play a little game with the kids when we have extra time. I use 3 of the dice graphic and put letters on them. We "roll a word" and make new words when we roll each of the die. This is great because sometimes we make a real word and sometimes we make nonsense words. The kids love this!

The Lesson Plan Diva- A 1st grade blog said...


Lesson Plan Diva

Peace Love Kindergarten said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my SMARTboard!!! Check out our blog for great ideas and files for your SMARTboard! Including our calendars!!! Congrats!! You and your students will have a BLAST!!!!

Miss Rachel said...

Uhhh I wish I had a smart board!! One of my student teaching placements had a Promethian Board and it was amazing!! We used it for the morning message, daily math, charting words, watching flip charts, and really everything! The only technology I have in my current classroom is a TV - and it is a very old one!

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