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Saturday, July 2, 2011

*The Ultimate Shopping Post*

As promised I am posting the items I have been gathering lately! Most are from Target ( me, go there?!) and Dollar Tree...  I will note where each item is from so you can find them :) I feel like I'm on a nonstop shopping spree, but being a first year teacher in a brand new school, I don't have much to work with! Enjoy!! (And I'm thinking a Target AA meeting is in order for tonight!)

This cute little school is from a craft show, my boy got it for me and it holds post-it's perfectly! I will put pens and scissors in the other sections! Isn't he cute for getting it for me?! :)

 The Rhyming and Simple words puzzles, Pete The Cat book and Llama Llama Mad Red Pajama book (Have u read both? SO cute) are all from Barnes and Noble! The Hop on Pop and Oh The Places You'll Go puzzles, Skippyjon Jones big book and two Kindergarten books are from Boarders. The mini hand sanitizers are from Bath and Body works... they were 5 for $4, can't go wrong!

The blue and green die cute letters, stickers, and bingo markers are from Dollar Tree. The scissors ($6), flash cards($1), wrapping paper for my bulletin boards ($1) are from the Target Dollar Spot! The magic erasers are from target (up&up brand... they are AMAZING) Also I got the poster markers recommended by Deanna Jump!

The blue, pink, and green tubs are going to be for my library and I found these at Dollar Castle... I believe. The blue, pink, black, and white baskets are going to be my kids book boxes, I previously was going to uses the blue and green ones I found at the Dollar Tree (see  other post) but they proved to be too narrow... So these $1 Target baskets will work great! Plus they go with my color scheme. The white lantern lights I am going to hang in my reading area, from Target. The stickers, pointers, addition bingo, flash cards, office pass (also have boys and girls bathroom ones) lined white boards, and blue,    green, and pink buckets are all from.... you guessed it- Target Dollar. The orange spiky ball I may use for a game called "buzz" where you give a word and the kids go around in a circle, pass the ball, and spell the word.. If you're the last person after the word is spelled you have to say "buzz" and the person next to you is out. There also is a map puzzle in there from Target Dollar.

These Dvd's are all from Target, average of $5 each, I'm going to use in the classroom when they apply, also when the kids need a few minutes to relax, like after lunch.

The pink, green, and blue baskets below I'm going to use to put my centers in. I will be putting a lot of the puzzles and flash cards into zippy bags with labels and then into these buckets so the kiddos can take them around the room. The leveled books are from Target Dollar Spot, as well as the little crayola books... and those are SUPER cute! The large crayon books are all about colors, I found these little babies at Dollar Tree! (Sorry about my toes in the picture!! I could use a pedicure)


Mrs. Kilburn said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! Now I'll have to go check out Target and Dollar Tree for some deals!


B. Roper said...

Great stuff! I am jealous of your fabulous finds!

Heather said...

You are going to need another job to pay for all of your awesome finds. Just kidding- I am the same way. So I found the owl wall things you had posted about and I am so excited. I have to get a picture up on my blog. They didn't have the rug so I will have to keep looking- I wanted the lamp and pillow but they were too expensive for me to justify :( Thanks for telling me about them!
Kinder By Golly

Hadar said...

I'm back again to tell you I love how you organized everything so neatly in your pictures! You are going to be a GREAT kindergarten teacher :)


Miss Megan said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

PreK Teacher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Rachel said...

I am so jealous - the Targets in Baton Rouge haven't put out their back to school stuff yet!! Between my teacher friends and I we are checking every day!

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