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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Absolutely NOTHING to do with teaching, but....

I made some delicious cupcake/cookie creations!! Before I decided to commit to a career in teaching, I'd always thought I'd become a pastry chef or wedding planner... I still may pursue these on the side or just shower my friends and family with yummy treats :)

Anyhow.. I was blog stalking and I came across this website How Sweet Eats. I got the idea for these from her website (which has amazinggg ideas and pictures that make you want to eat your computer screen) but I altered it a little!

Let's be honest, we're teachers with precious time in the summer spent relaxing, preparing for next year, and shopping at Target... so, instead of making my batters from scratch I used boxed and they taste great!

You start by taking these dough circles and breaking them in half, smooshing into a circle, and placing into a greased cupcake paper (yes spray your cupcake papers with non-stick spray!)
Mix up your cupcake batter ( I chose yellow because it's my favorite.. but white or chocolate would work too!) as directed on the box and pour over cookie dough until about 1/2" from the top of the cupcake paper.
Bake 13-15 mins at 350... time depends on your pans and oven, just check  if the cupcake springs back when you touch it lightly, thats how you'll know they're done.

Then I made my own frosting. I have a secret recipe for buttercream that my family loves... it's not too buttery or too sugary- which makes it light and fluffy :) Because I'm in heaven from these cupcakes I will share it with you!

1 c granulated sugar
2 sticks room temp butter
1 1/2 tea vanilla
1/4 c flour
1 c whole milk (or half and half)
(optional coco powder if you want chocolate.. add about 2-3 Tbsp, depending on the intensity you want)

While the cupcakes are baking, put the flour and 1/4c of the milk into a sauce pan. WISK like mad to make a roue. Once this is mixed, heat to medium while slowly adding 1/4 c more of milk at a time until you've added the whole cup. I URGE you to wisk your arm off until each 1/4c is in smoothly. Once this has happened and the mixture starts to heat.. it will get thicker. Once its thickened (DON'T BOIL) remove from the heat and continue wisking to make sure its smooth and set aside to cool. If you get lumps, push through a mesh strainer. (It's an arm workout to make it smooth... but I promise once you do it and are patient it'll be easier... plus you can skip the gym that day!)

Whip the butter 3-5 mins. Add sugar and whip 3-5 more min. It should be a pale yellow and fluffy. Mix in 1 tsp of vanilla to the cooled milk flour  mixture, then add this plus the 1/2 tsp more of vanilla to the butter/sugar. Whip on high 5-7 mins. (You would add the coco at this point if you're making chocolate)
Mine are with chocolate frosting.. sorry bad picture from my iPhone.
Then I piped the buttercream on using a zip lock bag with the tip cut off! Store in the fridge :) I always let my cupcake sit out for a little before eating to take the chill off. Hope you enjoy!


Ashley said...

Those look absolutely delicious!!!

Emily said...

Yum! I have seen similar recipes but never thought of using box cake mix and pre-made cookie much easier! I'll have to try out your frosting recipe, the ones I've tried in the past are always too buttery! :)

Anonymous said...

These look really good. I'll have to try the ziploc bag trick because when I ice a cupcake, it looks like a 2 year old did it. :-)

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