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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JOIN My First LINKY Party!!

So I was looking over all of the curriculum for my school this year and I came across our reading/literacy program called "Imagine It!" which I had never heard of before! I am told this is an "open court" type of system... (still not helpful for me, as I sat there with my team mates smiling and nodding like I knew). I have really only used the Daily 5 system in classrooms before, and my principal said I could use parts of this to supplement "Imagine It!" which would be awesome. What do you use in your classroom? What parts of Daily 5 do you think are the most useful? and PLEASE if you've ever been exposed to this "Imagine It!" system before, fill me in!! It'd be great to have some knowledge of it before new teacher training in a month :)  

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Jill said...

I used the actual Open Court program in student teaching and I was not a fan. My school just adopted a new reading program for this next school year called SuperKids, and I will be able to pilot it for first and second grades this fall! It's replacing their Open Court program which they had ordered in the 90s and never updated with new materials..... yikes!!

Magnificent Multiagers!

Laura said...

Try very hard to use Daily Five and use Imagine It for your mini lessons and whole group, if the principal will let you. Pretend if you have to. Daily Five is very adaptable, though, and you should be able to get two or three sessions in a day once you get rolling. Use the Imagine it for reading groups, too (they probably will provide leveled readers and you can let the kids put them in their book boxes). I have some info on how I do Daily Five on my website. I just started a blog and the link is on there for my website:
Best of luck in your first year!

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