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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SmartBoard Pages

Still working on gathering all of my pictures from 100th's day (they will come as promised). Today was a records day at my school. I worked on creating portfolio's for each of the kinder kids in our class. This takes a while! (ours are not even close to as extensive as some of the other K teachers in the building, I don't know where they find the time!) Instead of having spring conferences, my school does "Celebration of Learning." The students come with their parents and show them what they have learned so far this year. We will be having centers and filling up "I CAN cans;" strips of paper that students complete at each station saying " I CAN_________ (count to 100, count coins, read a calendar, etc)." I also worked on creating a hallway for this event. We will have some very cute March and spring themed things up for parents to see (pictures will be posted as well). 
ST's, records day is a good chance to learn about report cards, how they work, how each teacher marks different things depending on their own room, and get a lot of catch up work done... so make sure you attend! On a side note, attend all Professional Staff Development days, and staff meetings. This helps you learn a lot outside the classroom, as well as shows the principal you're committed and makes you look good!
Smartboard pages take a while to create one by one! There are a lot of good sites out there to download pre-made pages; such as and . I created one on vowels tonight and it took a good 30 minutes to get everything just right! On this page the students will drag the correct vowel into place with the corresponding picture and letters. I am going to create multiple pages like this; we are just beginning vowels in our room.


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