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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Quotes

I do not have time for a long post today as I am preparing my portfolio and resume for a job fair on friday (yikes! nervous!) but I wanted to post three cute as a button and funny things some of the kiddo's in the classroom I'm in said:

1. (To my CT after doing a running record, being asked comprehension questions) 
Kiddo " You know what I do to help me remember the story? I take pictures in my head of it"
CT " Oh thats a great tool!"
Kiddo " Yeah... but I forgot to take them this time.."

2.( Question of the Day was, What color is your hair.. yellow, brown, or black-- Kiddo brings his work up for me to look over)
Me "Kiddo, why did you write My hair is apricot..? and how did you know how to spell apricot!?"
Kiddo " well it was on my crayon, its the only blonde crayon I had"

3. (We have an estimation jar the kids get to take turns bringing home and filling with things such as crayons, starbursts, blocks, etc. and the class has to estimate )
Kiddo "I brought the estimation jar back!" 
( My CT calls me over to show me its filled with PEARL ONIONS.... no joke)
CT "Why did you bring onions?!"
Kiddo "The onions are cute!"

Well.. hope these made you smile, maybe you had to be there... but I'm sure they remind you of things your kids say daily!


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