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Monday, August 8, 2011

Teacher Camp, CKH and yey!!!

I Know this is longgggggggg, but read it all, you won't be sorry!!

I'm back!!!! I'm sorry it's been a while since I've posted, I was at new teacher orientation...aka teacher camp. I was wary of it at first but WOW! I learned so much and came back on top of the world :) First let me say that my new co-workers are AMAZING! I could not have asked for a better staff to work with for my first year of teaching... not to mention my principal is unbelievable! I have to be careful around him because he makes you feel so comfortable it's like hes not even a boss! (we chatted about gossip magazines the first day to give u an idea). I can't wait to get started at school, my staff  90% young, like average age is 24/25, and so nice and fun! Shannon, Kati, Chelsea, and Rachel if you're reading this I love y'all!

Anywho. I learned about CKH (Capturing Kids Hearts) the first two days I was there. I don't know if any of you have gone through this training before, but it changed my life. My girlfriend was sitting next to me during our seminar on Tuesday and said "I can't tell if this is a teacher seminar or a self help seminar" hehe it was both!  This program is all about how to connect with your students and "Behave With Care." It teaches them that they are responsible for choosing their consequence if they act out and how to self manage. The leader Bethany (who I want to be my aunt) and other teachers said that they were able to get their classes to self manage (I'll explain in a moment) by November every year and it changed the way they teach.

Self managing for students basically means that they "check" each other on behavior. If a student sees another misbehaving, talking out of turn, using supplies incorrectly, etc, they give them a hand sign and it tells them to get back on task. This saves the teacher SO much time from addressing every little thing students do. One kinder teacher said that her kinder kids were self managing so well that she could have left the classroom for an hour and nothing would have gone wrong... now how does that sound!?

If y'all have the budget or time, you should see if you school can get this program to come to you for Professional Development. It is through the Flip Flippen Group, Capturing Kids Hearts.... and yes, his name is really Flip Flippen haha.

Bethany, my new self proclaimed aunt, also taught the teachers that being sarcastic, or negative really can hurt your work and personal relationships. I am a very sarcastic person.. so this was tough for me to hear. She challenged all of us to call someone we had a close relationship with that night and ask "What is one thing I do that hurts our relationship?" (stress on the ONE thing). I did this with my boyfriend and I sort of already expected the answer. I didn't know however, that it hurts him when I do it. This stung a little! I challenge all  of my blog buddies to do this :) Let me know if you do!!

Changing something you do in a personal relationship or work relationship (no matter how hard it may be) will really make you feel so much better and create a better environment for your family or your school family. Teach your kiddos to be the best person they can by modeling :)

Well now that I feel like Dr. Phil, I hope you read all this and feel inspired to make a change and that you have a great work family like I found out I do!!

Happy Monday... 29 days till the first kid day!

Ps. I also learned curriculum and our behavior mangagement system, which was great.. but less exciting than the other stuff :)


Nicole said...

Alright!!! I went to CKH, too! Did she have you make a commitment at the end of the session? Mine stays with me everyday. Our campus is for sure doing the handshake, the 4 questions, and modeling the checking/fouls. So glad you enjoyed it! Aren't we lucky to be sent there?

The Kinder Kid

Nicole said...

Yeah! I'm afraid I don't know what NHA means... I teach K in Texas, though!


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