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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kindergarten Screening

Since my school is brand new, we are currently going through the screening process of the already enrolled Kinders... instead of doing it at the end of the previous year like most of y'all probably do.

I am SO shocked at how high these incoming kiddos are!! I had a girlie today not only know all her upper/lower case letters and sounds, but recite me the Greek alphabet and read me the whole Hop On Pop Dr. Seuss book......... and she is still 4. I mean, c'mon!! Another little girlie came in reading at a 4th grade level according to her mother who is a reading specialist at another school ( I'm worried the curriculum we've been given is going to be tossed out the window on day 1!).

It's so great to see how much parents are working with their kids at home these days and how well pre-schools really are preparing kids for elementary school :)

PS. more classroom pictures by Friday (or Saturday)

Favorite Quote of the week:

Teacher asked " Do you know your phone number?"
Kinder response "...I don't have a phone! But I have an app on my ipod where you can text people, want me to tell you that number? It's a real sneaky one"


Busy Bees said...

Don't you just love kindergarten screening. You learn so much about the kids. Precious memories. We have screening next I can't wait.

Hadar said...

HAHA!!! Of course they would respond like that. TOO funny! You are going to have a blast!!

Laura said...

About half of our kids come in knowing all the letters and sounds, too. The ipod ap is a little scary! Texting at 4 or 5??? oh my!

We actually don't screen the kids. We wait and test them after school starts. We like a mix of kids and they change so quickly! I go back on Monday (help! I am not ready!).

Hope you have a fun year!

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