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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Confession Linky Party!

Anything you'd like to confess about your first days/ weeks/ months of your school year?

Confessions of a 1st year Kindergarten teacher:

1. I ate 7 donuts in the last 2 days... I'm attributing it to stress eating!
2. I had a nightmare about a student in my class last night.
3. If I have to say "That's not my name that's my job" one more time responding to "TEACHER!" I may explode.
4. Daily hugs from my students make my days better.
5. Dismissal in the sheeting rain is NOT okay.
6. I ate a rice krispie treat while teaching my math lesson last week because I didn't get to eat lunch, and all the kiddos stared.
7. When a parent tells me "you're doing a great job, my daughter comes home every day so excited about school" it reminds me of why I teach :)



Literacy Teacher said...

This was great. I felt a sense of release afterwards!

Mrs. Bee said...

Love it and will be joining tonight! :) I hate that the kids call me Teacher, too!! I always say "What's my name?" and try not to respond to them until they say my name. haha. Unfortunately, sometimes I get so sick of saying that I just give in. boo.

Mrs. Bee

Nicole said...

I love your response to "teacher," though! So glad you're getting through the first few months so well.
I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award! You can find it here!


Nancy Pham said...

Hi I came across your blog and want to ask you a few questions. I student taught in first last year fall2012 and looking for a job in kindergarten. Since I haven't found a job yet I'm trying to prepare myself on what to do my first day, first week, first month of school.. Please email me if your free at any advice would help :)

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