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Monday, February 14, 2011

And So It Begins.

Well, here I go in my attempts to help current and future student teachers- as well as any teachers out there who are taking on an intern for their first time! I am 22 years old and currently student teaching in a kindergarten classroom (which I love).  A lot of my friends always asked why I requested to be in a kinder room- but truth be told- even though it can sometimes feel like controlled chaos, I have always been drawn to helping younger children. 

I have been working with this group of kindergartners since October 2010 when I was assigned there for some pre-student teaching observations and lesson teaching by my school. I was lucky enough to have the teacher in the room take me on as a student teacher! I think it helped a lot being in the room working with the kids twice a week; so that when in January I became the full time student teacher, the kids were already comfortable with me. I am an Elementary Education/ Language Arts major, and actually just passed both of my certifications tests so now I am ready to find a job once I graduate in May!

 I got the idea to start this blog by one of the teachers at the school I'm at. I created a blog for my Cooperating Teacher (CT) so she could share what is happening in her classroom and her lesson plans with other teachers. I was surprised to see how many cute teacher blogs there are out there! Check out a few of my favorites on the side of this page! Thank you to my CT for getting me into the blogging world! I wish I had started this from day 1 in student teaching, but I will make sure I mention things that have already happened and great tips/ lessons I have already learned!

Enjoy, and don't be too stressed out fellow ST's!


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